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Ensure your residential roof is repaired or installed correctly with the help of our reliable and detail-oriented roofing contractors. When it comes to completing your job perfectly, skipping steps isn’t an option for us.

The experts of Thomas Roofing of Central Florida, Inc., are always available to answer your questions. Contact us Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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Learn about Thomas Roofing of Central Florida, Inc.

Thomas Roofing of Central Florida, Inc., is the perfect company to turn to for residential roof repair and installation. Our 100% American-owned-and-operated business has been serving customers in Ocala, Florida, area since 1995. We are very professional and skilled in a variety of roofing areas, including shingle replacement, tarring, and graveling. Each of our staff members is easy to get along with, and enjoy doing the best work for our customers. When you need your home worked on, our dedicated crew is ready to complete the job.

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You protect and maintain most of your possessions. For example, you probably take your vehicle to the shop when you notice a problem. It may be common to inspect your clothing for stains or your children’s toys for hazards. Unfortunately, your roof is not easily visible from the ground; climbing a high ladder and walking on your roof can be dangerous. Furthermore, you probably do not have the expertise to inspect your roof.
Additionally, homeowners know that replacing a roof can be costly, so they often neglect to have roof inspections. Ignorance of minor repairs makes it impossible to correct them before they cause expensive damage. Fortunately, Thomas Roofing provides free roof repair estimates Ocala, Florida.

Most people assume that their roof is just resting on their house. Imagine sitting safely inside your home while your roof shields the contents of your home and family from weather elements. The sun’s harsh rays, violent storms, hurricanes, and wind can put stress on your roof. If your home is not experiencing a leak, you may not know any damage exists.

Thomas Roofing’s free roof repair estimates Ocala are performed by licensed, knowledgeable roofers. They will inspect to see if your roof has missing, damaged, or cracked shingles. Additionally, they will look at your gutters to ensure they are secure and positioned correctly. Sometimes gutters can also become clogged and cause excess water to damage your roof. They can locate and remove debris that is lodged behind skylights and other hard to see areas. Animals can also damage your roof. For example, sometimes roof rats can create nests on roofing. Annual or biannual inspections can reveal minor problems that are inexpensive to correct.

If you ignore the condition of your roof by failing to maintain it, the life of your roof may be shorter than expected. Even worse, leaks can cause interior damage to your home and expensive structural damage. Even if you have a roof warranty, sometimes warranties will not cover roofs that are not properly maintained.

Our goal is to ensure that each customer gets maximal life from his roof. We want to fix problems before you need to replace your roof. We also want to help you eliminate property damage that can be caused by a leaking roof. Nevertheless, if you need a roof, our staff will listen to your concerns and help you choose roofing that enhances the value of your home, looks stylish, and works with your budget. We specialize in residential roof installation and residential roof repair in Ocala and the surrounding Florida areas.

If you need a new roof in Ocala, why not schedule a free roof estimate with Thomas Roofing of Central Florida? Our licensed contractors and staff always make our customers our top priority. Using a roofer that is clean, reliable, and properly trained is essential to purchasing the best roofing care and maintenance. Our roof installation for Ocala homes, emergency repair service, and free roof inspections cater to the needs of our customers. Contact us at 352-653-0697 or through our email form.

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